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Update December 27, 2011:
Thanks to everyone for all your comments. I’m glad to know that my Horse Isle tips are still helping people out! Unfortunately, I no longer play and no longer sell subscriptions, so for those who have left me comments or sent emails wondering if I would sell a subscription, I apologize for my lack of response. I hope this page continues to help people even though I am no longer a Horse Isle player myself! πŸ™‚

[Buy a Ranch]

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times before as a money-making tip – it’s a popular suggestion and it’s at the top of my list because it is one of the best pointers you can get when it comes to making money!! Ranches are a luxury offered only to game subscribers, but luckily there are many players who will offer to sell you a Horse Isle subscription for Horse Isle money (myself included!). Monthly subscription prices range from person to person: I offer a one month subscription for $250,000, but I have seen people selling them as low as $200,000.

Once you buy your ranch, put up windmills!! When you first buy a ranch and have only a tee-pee on sight, you’re limited to only 2 outbuildings until you upgrade your ranch house. Windmills cost $120,000 each and will virtually pay for themselves in a matter of days. It’s tempting to build a barn before anything else so that you can have more than 5 horses, but I strongly suggest making windmills your priority. One windmill will make you $500 every 12-hour game day (that’s $500 every REAL hour, and yes, you’re still making money when you’re not logged on). With 3 windmills on my ranch, I make 36,000 every 24 hours. Imagine how much you could save up if you built nothing but windmills till you got your first million and then started tearing them down to make room for other things. πŸ™‚

[Use the Bank]

If you have a lot of money, you’re not doing yourself any favors by carrying it around everywhere with you. The benefits of putting your money in the bank far outweigh those of carrying it around with you (which I suspect is only being able to buy any horse you want whenever you want?). When you carry your money around with you, you run the risk of something outrageous happening from having it fall out of your pocket while you drink in the fountain to having some pesky monkey on Jungle Isle swoop down and steal a hefty amount. Apart from that, you make interest on the money you have in the bank and obviously, the more money you have in the bank, the more interest you’ll make (read: FREE MONEY)! I make a point of never carrying more money with me than is absolutely necessary and always deposit everything I’m carrying with me into the bank when I sign off so that I have $0 on hand (if you have windmills it’s kind of neat to sign off with $0 on hand and sign back on 12 hours later with something like $6,000+).

[Pick Things Up]

With a few exceptions, I suggest you pick up everything you stumble across because somewhere on the isles there is an NPC who will buy it from you for more than you’ll get for it at the store. Buying a shed for your ranch comes in handy when you want to use your inventory as a money-maker as it allows you to carry 60 items instead of just 40 (or 80 if you have 2 sheds). Below is a composite list of who will buy what from you and for how much (this is not everything… if you know of something I forgot, comment on it here!).

  • Acorns and Walnuts: For every 10 acorns and 10 walnuts you gather, you can get Minnie in Treeton to whip up some of her nutbread. Pablo on Art Isle will buy the bread from you for $500 each. 50 acorns and 50 walnuts = 5 nutbreads = $2,500
  • Berries: Berries can be found all over the place on the isles – either randomly on the ground or in bushes. Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, huckleberries, strawberries, raspberries, and thimbleberries can all be sold to Sandra in Flipperton (Dolphin Isle). She’ll buy 10 of each for $100, so if you can manage to gather up 50 of each, you’ll leave her cabin with $3,500.
  • Cattails: Gathering cattails for reasons other than quests won’t benefit you until you’re able to go to Cloud Isle, but once you can, Filmore (the first little pig who lives in the house of straw) will buy 10 for $100. 50 cattails = $500
  • Coconuts and Haybales: Sell these to Donna at the livery stable in Crystalton (price info to follow… I’m not certain how much she pays).
  • Copper Ore: Nicolette in Chillton will buy Copper Ore for $30 each. 50 copper ore = $1,500
  • Dandelions and Strong, Skinny Branches: Sell these to Krista in Whiskerton. She buys bundles of 10 for $100. 50 dandelions = $500, 50 branches = $500
  • Earthworms: Davy on Loch Isle will buy 10 earthworms for $500. 50 earthworms = $2,500
  • Feathers: Peacock feathers and little black feathers are pretty abundant on all the isles and once you can go to Cloud Isle, you’ll also stumble upon some sparkling feathers. Allaire lives in the little cottage in the middle of Mystic Forest on Saddle Isle – once you’ve gone through the “maze” once or twice, she’s actually really easy to get to. She buys little black feathers for $50, peacock feathers for $100, and sparkling feathers for $150. 50 little feathers = $2,500, 50 peacock feathers = $5,000, 50 sparkling feathers = $7,500
  • Grasshoppers: Joylyn in Treeton buys grasshoppers for $100 each. 50 grasshoppers = $5,000
  • Lizards and Scorpions: Dakota in Santon buys lizards for $100 each, but she prefers scorpions which she pays $200 each for (this is not your only option for scorpions… see further down the list). 50 lizards = $5,000, 50 scorpions = $10,000
  • Logs: Rupert in Chillton buys logs for firewood and pays $100 for each. 50 logs = $5,000
  • Oranges: Charla Mae in Hotton will buy oranges in bunches of 7 for $150. 49 oranges = $1,050
  • Pinecones: Elizabeth on Bone Isle will only buy pinecones from you if you bring her 50 at a time, but she pays $2,000 for all of them. 50 pinecones = $2,000
  • Red Pinecones: Red pinecones aren’t as commonplace as a regular pinecone, but they’re worth a lot more! Twig who lives in Eartip forest (north of Earton) will buy them for $1,000 each. 50 red pinecones = $50,000
  • Scorpions: Apart from selling them to Dakota in Santon, you can also give scorpions to Carlotta on Dust Isle (Carlotta is a spider that lives in the skull on Dust Isle). For every 25 scorpions you bring her, she’ll give you a diamond. 50 scorpions = 2 diamonds
  • Venetian Food: Like cattails, venetian food doesn’t serve much of a purpose outside of quests until you’re able to go to Cloud Isle. The second little pig (who lives in the house of sticks) buys them in bunches of 5 for $100. 50 venetian food = $1,000

[Make Diamond Necklaces]

Making diamond necklaces (or rather, gathering the material to make diamond necklaces) can be an extremely tedious process, but the pay-off is tremendous!! You are, of course, not limited to how you go about gathering the material necessary. Gold ore can be found in rock piles sometimes and diamonds can be found in the desert (or occasionally you’ll receive one for a quest), however making diamond necklaces in bulk will become a bit easier process once you can go to Pirate Isle. Diamonds can be “mined” (by doing simple math problems that include addition, multiplication, division, and other things such as picking out prime numbers) on the skull side of Pirate Isle – it takes a little while to gather up 50 diamonds, but you’ll definitely hone up on your math skills while you’re at it!! Gold ore can be “sifted” on the crossbones side of Pirate Isle. Sifting for ore doesn’t require any skills – you don’t have to answer riddles or math problems or anything – but it can become really monotonous. REALLY. REALLY. Monotonous. Often times people will try to recruit others to sift gold for them, and I can’t say I blame them, but if you’re paying someone else to do the dirty work, you won’t see the same profit!! In the process of putting together diamond necklaces, you’ll have to make a lot of trips to Whiskerton and for this reason I suggest you always go to and from Pirate Isle via the ship on Bird Isle; every time you gather 50 gold ore, you’ll have to make a trip to Whiskerton to turn it into 5 gold chains. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. To make 50 diamond necklaces you’ll need 50 gold chains, 50 gold ore, and 50 diamonds. Each gold chain costs $100 to make and each necklace costs $500 to make (in other words, $600 a necklace) so with having to spend $30,000 just to make the necklaces in the first place, you’ll probably want to make sure you have some money on hand to begin with! Once you have 50 diamond necklaces, sell them on ROCK ISLE – no other rock store pays more for ANY stones or jewelery than the one on Rock Isle. 50 diamond necklaces (sold on Rock Isle) = $617,500. Like I said, tedious, but worth it!! πŸ™‚ If you’re feeling extremely motivated and want to see an even bigger pay off, you can take your first 50 diamond necklaces to Christmas Isle, wrap them, make 50 more and then unwrap the other 50 and sell 100 at once. 100 diamond necklaces (Rock Isle) = $1,235,000


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Wow! Great guide here! Never taken the time to add up everything…..
I need to get doing some more necklaces xD
I have about 6 windmills (so far) and I’m making about 70k a day! It’s great ^^ When I get my last upgrade, I’m building 2 more so… xD

Comment by HorseOff

how do you get the fiddle, the flute, and the bell for Silver Mary’s Quest?
i have spent lots of money tring to find them i had found everything else but them, please help me

Comment by MegaPlant

I hope someone has told you that Slver Mary already has the fiddle, the flute, and the bell – you don’t need to get them! πŸ™‚

Comment by Jam

Great List! just to let you know,
Donna in Crystallton buys coconutsin bunches of of 25 for 750$.

Comment by Emily

cool! I really need 50% of my qp done…
I’ve only got I think 32% so far!

Comment by Spike240219

Thanks!! I totally didn’t know about the spider and the diamonds.. that will help me a lot with getting diamonds. Thanks again!

Comment by Heydangles- Palo Server

Awesome guide! I’m searching for quest tips, and can’t seem to find any. This site is as good as quest help though! I am enjoying these tips for money, etc. I’ll be visiting this site regularly for help!

Comment by CosmicShine

Some Great Tips, Thanks. πŸ™‚

Comment by BellaStar

well these do help abit but i just don’t have enough time to collect things,i have 100% qp award and i have a ranch but most of my money is spent on my ranch (but its all windmills)

Comment by BellaSwan/PansyParkinson

i LOVE your website!!! the money making tips are AWESOME!!! now i am really motivated to go make some money!!!

Comment by Anna

Want quest guides or to meet new players from other servers? Come to the one and only HorseIsle Fan Forum. It’s free and includes a LIVE CHAT.

Comment by StirrupToe

Wow! Great tips! I was also wondering if you still sell subscriptions for HI money? I’ve been looking for someone to buy from but so far, no one. Could you email me with more details? Thanks

Comment by FeathersOfFury

By the way, the spider gives you 1 diamond every 25 Scorpions you bring her.

Comment by prissymis

BellaSwan/PansyParkinson, if you don’t have enough time to pick up items you can get a training pen and a few wild horses (depends on how much room you have) and then you can train them ever hour. After a month or so, they’re maxed and you can sell them for some moulah! πŸ˜€ Hope that helps. It’s what I’m doing. XD

Awesome tips, by the way. Also, though, you can sell items you pick up to other players as well. For example iron ore is needed for some quests and players will often pay more than the store does. Same goes for other items. =]

Comment by Lyne

I have all the answers to the riddles in appleton. Ill be happy to share through email if your intersted.

Comment by Lampy From Pinto

Thank you so much for putting my website up there. I feel so honored.
I will be sure to put up the url to your site up on my quest help page πŸ™‚
thanks again

Comment by CanyonRanch from Pinto


Comment by Ceci

Thank you so much πŸ™‚

Comment by Undimere

Can anyone buy a ranch?

Comment by Ehlaah

you have to be a subscriber to buy a ranch, it’s best to find someone on your server to sell you a subby for HI money…make sure to ty and get your subby first pay after or leave a deposit, so say your buying it for 5mill, leave them with a 2mill deposit. :), hope this helps

Comment by Zoe Taylor

Wow! Great tips! I’ll use them ASAP and if I can πŸ™‚


Comment by Seraphina from Pinto

This is a pretty good website. ^.^

Comment by DarkMagic

Thanks! This really helped a lot! I heard about the diamond necklaces, and once made 356k making some, but i lost ineterst, and i never knew about the wrapping pressents up to get 100! thanks

SassySilve ~DUn SErvEr

Comment by Daniela

Do Not forget abou Intrest. I have about forty Mil in the baank and easily earn 500k A day, just from Intrest. I Ussally Keep a Max of 1 mil out, The rest stays in

Comment by LeadMareGal

Also, Little amounts of money add up

Comment by LeadMareGal

I noticed you said that you sold a month subscription for $250,000. Could I buy one? You could mail me on HorseIsle.

Comment by Wyonna - From Pinto

.,’ I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information .”‘

Comment by Body Scrub Recipes

Hannah in wington collects 4 leaf clovers ;D

but she doesn’t pay xD

Comment by person

Sadly, monthly subscriptions (on Brown server, anyway) usually sell for about $7-20mil! If I could buy them for 250k I’d buy tons so it never runs out :’)
But great tips, I keep coming back to this page because its so helpful πŸ˜€

Comment by Box

Oh my this is old subs sell for month – 50m – 80m years 200m – 600m

Comment by Shannon

hi, i play HI1, and i want a Subby, where do i pick up a gift subby if i was sent one? Thanks

Comment by Zoe Taylor

Ahaa, its good dialogue about this piece of writing here at this website, I have read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

Comment by Jack

ItοΏ½s impressive that you are getting ideas from this post as well as from our argument made at this place.

Comment by Bill

could I buy a monthly subscription from you for the 250k?

Comment by Kerri

that is with the horse isle money πŸ™‚

Comment by Kerri

if so you could mail me on horse isle my user is DeerRunner πŸ™‚ I don’t know if you would need that or not
I have looked but havent found anyone but you who sells them by the wat love this website!!! :3 ❀

Comment by Kerri

thankx alot these tips really helped
and I was wondering if I could buy a membership from you?
and thankx again for all the tips πŸ™‚

Comment by RubyMorgan

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