Horse Isle Tips and Pointers

Isle Directions

(Isles are alphabetized to make it easier if you’re looking for one in particular)

[Ardent] Take the rowboat from Palm Isle

[Aesop] Talk to Fitzgerald on Dust Isle (you will not have the option to ask Fitzgerald to send you to Aesop until you’ve completed the Silver Mary quest on Pirate Isle)

[Atropos] Take the rowboat from Palm Isle

[Bone] Talk to Hudson on Turtle Isle

[Cloud] To get to Cloud, you first need to achieve the 75% quest points award. Once you have that (usually at 76%), take 3 giant coconuts (can be found on Pirate Isle) to Winchell on Jungle Isle.

[Crescent] Talk to Demetrius in Witherton

[Dust] Speak with Dusty on the third Sand Isle

[Eldorado] Talk to Sara on Bone Isle and offer to deliver a pie for her (I was not able to talk to Sara about going to Eldorado until after I’d received my 50% qp award)

[Haven & Half Haven] Talk to the dock master in Shellton

[Hotzeplotz] Talk to the Rock Shop owner in Carrotton. Initially you’ll have to do a quest for him to go there and after that you’ll have to pick up his lunch for him from the inn on Art Isle before he’ll let you go, BUT you can gain King Phil’s trust so that you don’t have to pick up Grey Slate’s lunch constantly (more on that in Hints & Useful Info)

[Igneous] Talk to Sir Patsy on Lava Isle (he can be found one pace in front of the “path” to Ashton on the beach). To get off Igneous, talk to Koko.

[Lava] First you need to get your 25% quest points award, then go speak to Sir Sleepwell on Patsy Isle. He’ll send you for 5 bunches of wildflowers.

[Lilac] Talk to Mr. Tuttle in Shellton

[Loch] Talk to Dewey Waders in Treeton (Fish Shop owner)

[Magma] Talk to Cupid on Igneous

[Mare] Talk to Temperance in Treeton

[Neverending Isles] Talk to Atreyu on Turtle Isle

[Nonesuch] Talk to Ruthie on Half Haven (you won’t be able to go to Nonesuch until you do the “Ruthie’s Doubloons” quest)

[Palm] Dig on the northwest corner of Mare Isle (in line with the rocks)

[Paradise] Talk to Robin the elf on Rider Isle

[Patsy] Talk to Deidra in Horseshoe Village on Hoof Isle

[Pirate] You’ll need to get your 50% quest points award and then you can “catch a ride” from either the pirate ship on Saddle Isle or the one on Bird Isle. Boat fare is 2 pearls. The Saddle Isle pirate ship will take you to the Skull and the Bird Isle ship will take you to the Crossbones

[Pumice] Talk to Cupid on Igneous

[Puuhonua] Talk to the General Store owner in Tail End

[Quiet] Talk to Galvin in Muzzle Forest (east of Treeton)

[Rock] Find Bailey on Lilac Isle and ask her to send you (it’ll save you some time if you map her in the library before having Mr. Tuttle send you to Lilac)

[Sand Isles] Go to the boat dock on the western side of Desert Isle

[Shimmer] Take the rowboat from Palm Isle

[Spice] Talk to Minnie (Food store owner) in Treeton

[Spirit & Unknowns] Rent a pegasus or unicorn on Cloud Isle – cost is $1,000,000 for a 24-hour game day (or 2 real hours)

[Talon] Get there from Shimmer

[Theobroma] Talk to King Phil on Hotzeplotz (you’ll have to start the Royal Chocolatiere quest to go)

[Tranquility, Serenity, and Drill] I’ve never been – you need 100% quest points award to go and I’m sitting pretty at 95% *lol* BUT I’ve been told giving the pegasus uniter 3 small sugar chunks once you’ve achieved your 100% award is how to get there


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